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Inductions with hoods

One device, two uses. Induction hobs with integrated hood are an elegant solution that eliminates visual barriers. They offer a particularly effective form of ventilation, since the fat and steam are extracted directly, thus preventing them from spreading throughout the room. This is a perfect solution for kitchens with island or open to the living room, it also saves space. An innovative design that brings elegance and functionality to your kitchen.

Inductions with hoods

Design and performance

The best performance with the most careful design is possible with Küppersbusch. Choose from different color options, and match your hob with the rest of your kitchen. With the customization options for Küppersbusch plates, you not only have to choose between black plates, you also have plates in a pure white finish, as well as chrome.

Quick cleaning

The hob is flush mounted with the worktop, offering a completely level surface. This is a great advantage: as the hob is incredibly easy to clean.

Two in one

Now you can have two appliances in one, with the hob that incorporates an extractor hood. This allows extraction to take place next to the cooking zone, reducing the level of smoke and grease that is generated around your hob. The perfect solution for open kitchens, since the hood integrates perfectly into the environment, being hidden next to the hob.

Discover the VarioLine range

VarioLine modular hobs allow you to build your cooking area to measure, choosing from multiple options, which combine with each other in terms of design, measurements and installation. With this solution, you can integrate an induction with a volcanic stone grill, a teppanyaki, a wok or a countertop extractor hood. The combination possibilities are endless.

Stop & Go

The STOP & GO system allows you to instantly stop the activity of your induction hob. This security system guarantees an immediate shutdown in case of need, and is ideal for avoiding confusion during an unexpected call to the doorbell or phone. Then, simply by pressing the button again, the induction hob returns to the previous state, to continue cooking.
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