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90cm professional induction cooktop extractor with Miradur surface

REF. of Product KMI9850.0SR | 122500019
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The perfect combination

Induction hob and hood in a single appliance. Two high-precision appliances that offer a unique cooking experience.
The perfect combination

Total surface induction

The total surface induction allows adapting the size of a cooking area to your needs. Different cooking areas can be used for big pots and grills.
Total surface induction

Front control with knobs

Thanks to the controls ergonomically placed on the front, the cooktop can boast a larger cooking surface, ensuring a more comfortable cooking. Shifting pans is not a problem and will not affect the control of the cooking zones.
Front control with knobs

Bridge function

Thanks to the bridge function, the size of the cooking zone can be adapted to the needs. The cooking zones are used as usual for small and normal pots. In the case of larger pots or a roasting pan, the cooking zones one behind the other can be combined to form a large surface.

Almost as hard as diamond

Finished with the SCHOTT CERAN Miradur, its surface is characterised by a slighly metallic look and a futuristic touch. Miradur withstands the mechanical and thermal stresses of everyday cooking and keeps almost scratches away. With its fascinating design, it sets a clear accent and attracts all eyes as the visual centre of the kitchen.
Almost as hard as diamond

Technical details



90cm professional induction cooktop extractor with Miradur surface

Features Induction hob:
13-level power controls "knobControl" with high-quality steel control knobs (including)
3 pre-defined special levels: melting level approx. 42°C, keeping-warm level approx. 70°C, pasta level approx. 94°C
Switch-off memory
Bridge function, right and left cooking zones can be switched together to one cooking zone
Features extractor:
Extraction rate (to the outside) according to guideline EN 61591: Max. normal power setting 530 m³/h, intensive power setting 620 m³/h
Noise level according to guideline EN 60704-2-13: min. 39 dB, max. 63 dB, int. 68 dB
4 power levels incl. high power settings
Digital display
  • 13 niveles de control de potencia «Control por mandos» con mandos de acero de alta calidad (incluidos)
  • 3 niveles especiales predefinidos: nivel para derretir aprox. 42°C, mantenimiento de temperatura aprox. 70°C, nivel para pasta aprox. 94°C
  • Recordatorio de memoria
  • Función de puente, la zona de cocción delantera y trasera se pueden unir en una sola zona de cocción.
  • Fase de cocción Booster automático
  • Indicador de calor residual
  • Dispositivo de apagado por ausencia (limitando el tiempo de duración de la operación)
  • Rejilla de ventilación y tapa de cristal (ZK 8000) incluidas
  • 4 zonas de cocción 210 x 190 mm / 2.100 W (3.700 W*) *con configuración de amplificación de potencia
  • Características sistema de extracción
  • Velocidad de extracción (hacia el exterior) según la norma EN 61591: ajuste de potencia normal 530 m³/ajuste de potencia intensivo 620 m³/h
  • Nivel de ruido según la norma EN 60704-2-13: min. 45 dB, máx. 55 dB, int. 68 dB
  • 4 niveles de potencia, incluye el ajuste de alta potencia
  • integrada en la placa
  • Pantalla digital
  • Filtro de grasa de metal con 96, 5% de depósito de grasa
  • Función de desconexión automática
  • Posibilidad de modo de recirculación de aire (ver accesorios opcionales)
  • Sistema de extracción incluido

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 220
  • Product width (mm): 898
  • Product depth (mm): 518
  • Net weight (Kg): 35,10
Electric connection

Electric connection

  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 7515
  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Power rate (V): 230-240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): no
  • Maximum Nominal Power (W) (Electric hob): 7,5

Optional accesories

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