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Pyrolytic oven with ökotherm® system and Electronic control, 60 cm

REF. of Product BP6350.0S1 | 121020002


Ökotherm® catalytic converter

No more unpleasant odours. Dishes remain particularly juicy and the natural flavour is retained. The air in the kitchen is noticeably fresher, apart from being energy saving.
Ökotherm® catalytic converter

Pyrolytic technology

By heating the oven to 500ºC, the self-cleaning system reduces all food residues to fine ashes. You can choose between 3 pyrolysis programs - depending on the degree of soiling. Afterwards, all you have to do is wipe the ashes with a damp cloth, and the oven will be as good as new.
Pyrolytic technology

Technical details



Pyrolytic oven with ökotherm® system and Electronic control, 60 cm

Pyrolytic self-cleaning (3 levels)
ökotherm® oven catalyst system
10 functions
10 automatic programmes
3.9´´ TFT screen with graphic display
  • Pyrolytic self-cleaning (3 levels)
  • 10 functions
  • 10 special functions
  • 3,9 ‘ TFT- Display with clear text and graphic display
  • Electronic oven control via backlit touch control sensor
  • Indications of current temperature and recommended temperature
  • Electronic timer with white display (cooking time, end of cooking, timer) with white display
  • Retro clock function
  • Removable full glass inner door, quadruple glazed
  • Rapid heating
  • Demo mode
  • Standby mode
  • Halogen lighting
  • 70 liters XXL capacity

Interior measurements

  • Inner Height (mm): 364
  • Inner width (mm): 475
  • Inner depth (mm): 402
  • Net Capacity (litres): 70
  • Gross Capacity (litres): 71

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 595
  • Product width (mm): 595
  • Product depth (mm): 537+22
  • Net weight (Kg): 35
Electric connection

Electric connection

  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 3558
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Power rate (V): 220/240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): 180
  • Plug: Yes
  • Inside light Consumption (W): 25

Optional accesories

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