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Oven A+ with ökotherm® system and roasting thermometer

REF. of Product B6550.0S | 121010017
REF. Finishing DK1000 | 121490011


Küppersbusch individual concept

The Küppersbusch Individual Concept allows you to adapt our appliances to your personal preferences. For the design elements, you can choose between eight different colours and materials: Stainless Steel, Black Chrome, Silver Chrome, Gold, Black Velvet and Copper. Maximum variability, individual style.
Küppersbusch individual concept

Ökotherm® catalytic converter

No more unpleasant odours. Dishes remain particularly juicy and the natural flavour is retained. The air in the kitchen is noticeably fresher, apart from being energy saving.
Ökotherm® catalytic converter

Automatic programs

With the wide range of automatic programs, results are guaranteed. Choose from pastries, fish, meat, vegetables and desserts, enter the weight and select the desired level of doneness.
Automatic programs

Touch control

Pressing with the fingertip is enough for the button sensors features to activate.

Soft Open & Close

The Soft Open & Close technology ensures a smooth opening and closing of the doors thanks to a damping effect at both ends.
Soft Open & Close

Küppersbusch XXL ovens

With a capacity of 70 litres, it has plenty of space for baking and cooking on 5 levels. So, don't hesitate to invite all your friends and family.
Küppersbusch XXL ovens

More safety

Safety. Easy cleaning. Full stainless steel door. This oven will more than satisfy all demanding chefs with professional characteristics as the quality quadruple glazed door for low front temperatures.
More safety


In case some splashes have stained the inside walls of your oven, you can simply wipe them again with a damp cloth, all thanks to the exceptionally smooth enamel coating.

Technical details



Oven A+ with ökotherm® system and roasting thermometer

No unpleasant smells thanks to unique ökotherm® catalyst
Personalized style selection thanks to Individual Concept design
Quick control thanks to TFT color display
Intuitive user guidance thanks to TFT color touch display
Always clean cavity with pyrolytic cleaning
  • 14 oven functions
  • 8 special functions
  • More than 40 automatic programmes
  • 20 favorite programmes for saving own processes
  • 3,9´´ TFT Display with clear text and graphic display
  • Electronic oven control with touch control sensors
  • Actual temperature indication and temperature-recommendation
  • Electronic clock (cooking time, end of cooking time, minute minder) with white display
  • Retro clock function
  • Removable full glass inner door with a stainless steel frame, quadruple glazed
  • Rapid heating
  • Eco mode
  • Demo mode
  • Stand-by mode
  • Halogen lighting
  • Door contact switch
  • Drop-down grill

Interior measurements

  • Inner Height (mm): 364
  • Inner width (mm): 475
  • Inner depth (mm): 402
  • Net Capacity (litres): 70
  • Gross Capacity (litres): 71

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 595
  • Product width (mm): 595
  • Product depth (mm): 537+22
  • Net weight (Kg): 35
Electric connection

Electric connection

  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 3608
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Power rate (V): 220/240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): 150
  • Plug: Yes
  • Inside light Consumption (W): 25

Optional accesories

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