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Ovens with steamer

With the steam ovens by Küppersbusch, you will be able to choose between a 100% steamed cooked meal or a steam and hot air mix. Steam ovens are the best option for healthy cooking, while keeping all the nutrients, smells and the food’s flavours.

Ovens with steamer

Pyrolytic cleaning

Thanks to pyrolytic technology, cleaning the oven by hand is now a thing of the past. After cooking, while you enjoy your food, the oven will take care of removing any splash or grease stain inside. The pyrolysis will always keep your oven clean and free of bacteria.

Automatic programs

Küppersbusch ovens incorporate the latest technology inside, including automatic programs that facilitate guided and semi-automatic cooking. Choose the desired option and the oven will guide you to achieve the perfect result. The cooking assistant incorporates recipes for pastries, meat, fish and vegetables. This program allows you to choose the desired cooking level for each recipe, to cook the recipes to your liking.

XXL capacity

With an internal capacity of 70 litres, larger ovens increase the space available for your food, being able to cook up to 5 different levels. The best option for cooking for the whole family and friends.

Steam cooking

The steam function cooks at temperatures between 30º and 100º, which is an ideal function for preparing fish, fruits, vegetables, rice or pasta. In this way, 100% healthy steam cooking is achieved, which preserves the properties and flavor of the food

Greater security

Discover the safest door for your oven, with four layers of glass, which guarantee total thermal insulation. The safest system for your home, which allows the heat to barely reach the outside door, always keeping it cold. In addition, Küppersbusch doors incorporate the Soft Open & Soft Close system, which facilitates the gradual opening and closing of the door, avoiding knocks.

ökotherm® technology

The ökotherm technology, developed by Küppersbusch, offers a constant flow of energy during cooking, even when cooking at very low power. This flow ensures that the heat is distributed through the interior of the oven in an optimal way, improving the cooking results and reducing the energy consumption of the appliance.


Küppersbusch is the first brand to offer customizable appliances that adapt to your personal taste and style. All this without giving up the latest technology for your kitchen. You can choose the range you prefer, and then select the customization color options for your device.
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