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Chimney cooker hoods

They have an unusually low level of energy consumption, some models reach the energy efficiency class A ++. They also offer excellent results in terms of fans, grease filters and light efficiency.

Chimney cooker hoods

Incredibly powerful

Because power does not have to mean higher consumption, our hoods guarantee excellent performance, reducing energy consumption, with models that achieve energy efficiency of up to A ++.

As versatile as you need

Küppersbusch has a perfect extractor hood for every kitchen and every style, both for open kitchens and closed spaces. Wall, island, built-in or countertop hoods, always combining quality, performance and design.

Hidden extraction

The countertop hoods incorporate an extraction system that is discreetly hidden in the base of the countertop. This design significantly reduces the sound of the hood in operation, while allowing a kitchen with fewer items visible and more storage space.

More efficient suction

The hoods with perimeter aspiration incorporate removable grease filters inside. The design of our hoods makes the extraction zone concentrated in one area, which causes the air suction at a much faster rate than with the standard hoods in the market. This feature allows greater energy saving and the amount of smoke and fat generated around the cooking zone.

PlasmaMade Filter

The plasma filter allows recirculation based on plasma technology, which increases performance while reducing energy consumption. This filter has a built-in self-cleaning system, which requires little maintenance. Ideal atmosphere designed for your health. Self-cleaning filter with very little maintenance. Maximum efficiency.


Küppersbusch customization allows you to select a product and then choose between different finishes in terms of design and style, to achieve a product that adapts 100% to your style. Different customization options are also available for hoods.
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