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The Küppersbusch refrigeration range offers the most advanced technology, with intelligent cooling zones that adapt to your needs.


Top interior design

The interior design of Küppersbusch cooling appliances appears at its best: the door compartments are made of high-grade plastic with chrome railings, combined with chrome trims.

LED lighting

The LED lighting inside the Küppersbusch refrigerators improves the interior lighting and guarantees brightness over the entire surface. In addition, it is the latest generation LED technology, developed to increase the energy saving of your appliance.

NoFrost Technology

All Küppersbusch refrigerators feature the most advanced NoFrost technology. This technology ensures that the inside of the freezer always remains free of ice build-up.


Küppersbusch is the first brand to offer customizable appliances that adapt to your personal taste and style. All this without giving up the latest technology for your kitchen. You can choose the range you prefer, and then select the customization color options for your device.
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