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Steam oven with ökotherm® system, control panel and 12 cooking functions

REF. of Product BD6340.0S | 121210000
REF. Finishing DK1000 | 121490011


Feeding grand ambitions.

Unleash an unlimited new culinary journey. Intensify flavours and preserve nutrients in dishes with the full steam function providing healthy and delicious results.
Feeding grand ambitions.

SousVide cooking function.

Even SousVide cooking is possible due to accurate temperature regulation. The culinary chef can set of 4 steam functions and 8 conventional baking functions.
SousVide cooking function.

Küppersbusch ökotherm®

The unique ökotherm® catalytic converter inside the oven ensures purity and cleanliness right from the outside! Baking and cooking fumes in the kitchen will be thing of the past.
Küppersbusch ökotherm®

More safety

Safety. Easy cleaning. Full stainless steel door. This oven will more than satisfy all demanding chefs with professional characteristics as the quality quadruple glazed door for low front temperatures.
More safety

Technical details



Steam oven with ökotherm® system, control panel and 12 cooking functions

No unpleasant odors thanks to the unique ökotherm® catalytic converter
Personalized design selection thanks to the Individual Concept Design
Good visibility thanks to LED display
Simple operation with aluminum rotary knob
Easy cleaning thanks to the unique Küppersbusch stainless steel inner door
Cooking without limits with full steam function
  • 8 oven functions
  • 4 steam functions
  • External steam generator
  • Oven control with high-quality aluminum control knobs
  • Electronic clock (cooking time, end of cooking time, minute minder) with white display
  • Removable full glass inner door with a stainless steel frame, quadruple glazed
  • Rapid heating
  • Oven lighting
  • 70 litres XXL capacity
  • Halogen lighting
  • Removable slide supports
  • Handle not included

Interior measurements

  • Inner Height (mm): 364
  • Inner width (mm): 475
  • Inner depth (mm): 402
  • Net Capacity (litres): 70
  • Gross Capacity (litres): 71

General measures

  • Product height (mm): 595
  • Product width (mm): 595
  • Product depth (mm): 537+22
  • Net weight (Kg): 32
Electric connection

Electric connection

  • Maximum Nominal Power (W): 3215
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • Power rate (V): 220/240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): 150
  • Plug: Yes
  • Inside light Consumption (W): 25
Europe Asia and Middle East Worldwide