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In Küppersbusch, design is more than a mere embellishment. It is a quality feature and represents the perfect interplay between form and function.

The result is experienced by our customers on a daily basis in their individual interaction with our products. And we experience it every time we receive yet another prize for our products.

The clear commitment to developing individual, sector-leading designs, that have a special relevance and which can thrill people, is reflected in the receipt of more than 70 national and international awards. It illustrates clearly that top-class design, as well as tangible quality, perfect function and healthy enjoyment are a fundamental mainstay for Küppersbusch.


It is always of great satisfaction for us that our products not only attract users, but also please all cooking enthusiasts. This does not refer only to the individual design and great design flexibility that we offer, but also to the unique cooking and baking results obtained with our appliances. There is no higher praise for us, and this strengthens our constant orientation towards the needs of our clients.

Our appliances are aimed at constantly surprising our customers positively and giving them joy every time. All points of contact between the customer and the brand – from packaging to the website – have been designed with the greatest care and oriented on customer requirements, so they reflect the passion and dedication with which we develop our products.

Marcus Keichel about
his work for Küppersbusch.


Professional kitchen pioneers since 1875

Our brand has been innovating in the kitchen for over 145 years, always guaranteeing incomparable quality and durability, through the most careful and demanding production process.

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