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REF. BD6750.0S
EAN. 4037321030511

High precision thermoprobe steam oven, 60 cm


Select a colour: Stainless Steel/Black Glass
Stainless Steel/Black Glass
  • 8 functions
  • 11 special functions
  • 5 steam functions
  • 1 special steam function
  • External steam generator

Choose the finishes

Design Kit Black Chrome
REF. Finishing 7502
Design Kit Silver Chrome
REF. Finishing 7503
Gold Finish Kit
REF. Finishing 7504
Design Kit Black Velvet
REF. Finishing 7505
Copper Finish Kit
REF. Finishing 7507
Design Kit Hot Chili
REF. Finishing 7508
REF. of Product BD6750.0S
REF. Finishing


With steam temperatures between 30ºC and 100ºC, this function is ideal for fish, vegetables, fruits, rice, potatoes or meatballs. Being able to cook fish at a temperature of approximately 70ºC is a gourmet experience that should not be missed!
More safety

More safety

The doors are quadruple glazed and consequently extremely well insulated. This means that the outside of the oven hardly heats up.

Singular features

  • 8 functions
  • 11 special functions
  • 5 steam functions
  • 1 special steam function
  • External steam generator
  • 100 automatic cooking programmes
  • Possibility of saving up to 20 programmes as favorites
  • LCD display with clear text and graphic display
  • Electronic oven control up to 230 ° C via touch control sensors
  • Indications of current temperature and recommended temperature
  • Electronic timer with white display (cooking time, end of cooking, timer)
  • Removable 4-layer glass interior door
  • Rapid heating
  • Demo mode
  • 70 litre capacity
  • Halogen lighting
  • Door contact switch
  • Handle, stainless steel finish included
The individual Küppersbusch's concept offers the option of having all your appliances adapted to your personal tastes. Depending on the model, you can choose between white or black as the basic color of the appliances. The fully customizable look is achieved with one of seven different trim kits.
A+ Energy class
In the EU countries there is a common energy label, which provides a guide for the energy efficiency classification of household appliances. Under this system, household appliances are classified from class A to G. Küppersbusch appliances are undoubtedly among the most efficient on the market.
ökoemail plus
In the same way as the baking trays, the entire interior of the oven is coated with an ökoEmailPlus non-stick enamel. The extremely smooth and pore-free surface of this enamel prevents grease and cooking residues from sticking to it. Time-consuming cleaning and aggressive and environmentally-damaging cleaning agents are therefore a thing of the past. With ökoEmail, ökoEmailPlus and the ökotherm® catalytic converter system, you just need to clean the oven with a damp cloth to keep the interior looking like new.
8 Functions
With 8 different functions, you will find the most suitable oven for each food.
Multitherm plus
A circular heating element, located on the rear wall of the oven, surrounds the fan and allows cooking to be done on various levels without any of the food in the oven being contaminated with the flavor or aroma of other foods.
Multi Steam
With Küppersbusch ovens with steam function you can choose to cook with pure steam with 100% steam - ideal for fish, vegetables and rice - or to use a combination of steam and hot air. So you can choose the perfect option for every dish you cook. Stews, custards or soufflés are best served with the COMBINED STEAM COOKING function (50% steam and 50% hot air). Meanwhile, the VARIO STEAM COOKING function is ideal for baking bread and for cooking meat and poultry dishes (25% steam and 75% hot air).
Electronic steam system
Steam is generated outside the oven by an external steam generator system. This creates the right climate in seconds.
Steam cooking 30 - 100ºC
In steam cooking, temperatures between 30 ° C and 100 ° C can be selected to prepare any type of food in the smoothest and most flavorful way. Fish cooked at a temperature of approximately 70 ° C is a gourmet experience not to be missed! But flan and other delicate dishes are also easy to cook thanks to the fact that the steam temperature is kept at an absolutely constant level.
Touch control
Pressing with the fingertip is enough to activate the sensor button functions.
Roasting Thermometer
It is not always easy to know the doneness from the outside, especially when we cook large quantities or large pieces. Professional cooks and hobbyists therefore use a roast thermometer that provides reliable information on the core temperature and thus on the doneness of a roast. This means that you can grill a meat in any way you want - light, medium or well done - to the exact temperature.
Favorite Programs
You can save the settings of the functions of your favorite dishes in your favorite programs. As well as you can save your favorite recipes in your favorites folder - including all corresponding settings, of course! This way, whenever you choose to cook a dish from your digital cookbook, you can be sure that it will be a success.
Water tank
Küppersbusch steam ovens and coffee machines can be installed in any kitchen, as the fresh water tank does not require an additional water supply.
Soft Open & Close
Smooth and silent opening and closing of your appliance door thanks to Soft Open & Soft Close technology.
Child safety lock
The oven cannot be turned on involuntarily when the child safety lock is activated.


Interior measurements

  • Inner Height (mm): 352
  • Inner width (mm): 478
  • Inner depth (mm): 414
  • Net Capacity (litres): 70

General measures

  • Net weight (Kg): 36,00
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Electric connection

  • Frequency (Hz): 50
  • Power rate (V): 220-240
  • Cable Connection Length (cm): 1,2
  • Plug : Yes

Energy efficiency

  • Energy Efficiency Class: A+

Fitting measures

  • Built-in Width (mm): 560
  • Built-in Depth (mm): 550
  • Built-in Heigth (mm): 590

Security system

  • Children safety block option : Yes



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